Engaging the Business with Responsibility

Today, PT. Truba Jaya Engineering can handle almost every aspect of detailed engineering, procurement and construction, including a comprehensive range of general and specialty services. From the complexities that come with civil works and erection of steel structure, mechanical and piping, to engineering detailing, testing and pre-commissioning. Besides the design and fabrication of piping, steel structure and tank works - including both process - we offer painting, insulation and ancillary services such as chemical cleaning, as well as pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment services for most types of installations. Likewise, our electrical and instrumentation division provides engineering, procurement and installation services as well as calibration works. PT. Truba Jaya Engineering also offers plant maintenance services and continuous to develop it’s capability to takeup, predictive and preventive maintenance services not normally to clients.

Business area/sectors

1. Power Generation Sectors

Truba has participated in almost 80% of steam power plants in Indonesia, and has always been committed to continuing to work in developing the potential of electrical energy in Indonesia in the future. Currently we continue to develop our capabilities in facing the future by preparing engineers who are capable of working in the fields of new renewable energy and hybrid power plants.

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2. Oil and gas sectors

With high enthusiasm and dedication, Truba is able to work on several oil and gas projects from both the private and government sectors. this is our commitment to continue to develop in the oil and gas field, and always develop all of our experienced engineers to be able to contribute to the latest technology

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3. Pulp and Papers sectors

In accordance with our commitment to development in the industrial sector in Indonesia, Truba also participates in the development of industrial pulp and papers, this is very helpful in providing job opportunities to many workers in the environment where the project is located. Truba participates in government programs to provide a large workforce, and improve the living standards of the surrounding community.

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4. Cement Industries sectors

The cement industry in Indonesia continues to grow along with the development of all sectors in Indonesia which is promoted by the government. Truba will always provide support and contribution in this cement field, because our engineers have a very good capacity to work on this project, and we can also provide employment to many workers in completing projects in this field.

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5. Mining Sectors

In the field of mining development in Indonesia, Truba has participated in several projects involving many engineers and workers. This supports government programs in providing employment. Truba also built a power plant in front of the coal mine, thus providing great added value for the development of the area and improving the economic conditions of the surrounding community.

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6. Chemicals and fertilizer sectors

In the chemical and fertilizer sector, Truba has built several petrochemical plants, both in Gresik and in the Cilegon area. This is the implementation of our commitment to continue to participate in upstream industry development programs in government programs in the future.

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7. Factory maintenance sectors

From our experience in making hundreds of factories from various industrial sectors that we have built, of course there will be a need for a maintenance and repair program for the facilities that have been operating. Through our experienced engineers, we continue to provide support in the maintenance program for all the infrastructure we have built and to support other industries.

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